3 steps to Lose Weight, Save Money & Increase Productivity with Eat Stop Eat

Eat Stop Eat is a book and weight loss program centered on intermittent fasting. It was created by body building enthusiast, nutrition professional, and health supplement developer Brad Pilon, who sought for a way to lose weight without damaging muscles. His book is backed by hundreds of research hours, scientific results from extensive physical tests, and input from fellow nutrition specialists from all over the world.

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The Idea behind Eat Stop Eat

Information on the book is based on intermittent fasting, a type of fasting where you undergo short periods of fasting. It is ideal for people who find it hard to follow strict diet plans with a weight loss program, since this program does not require any guidelines when it comes to food. No calorie counting. No list of good and bad foods. Just a simple rule on “when” you eat.

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So how does following Eat Stop Eat lead to a happier wallet and a more productive life? Well, here are three steps to do it:


1)    Follow the plan.

Contrary to what you may hear about different kinds of fasting, intermittent fasting is not a fad diet. It is an effective lifestyle change that teaches your body to control food cravings and hunger. You also don’t need to pass on every birthday or dine-out with friends, since you can eat whatever you like during non-fast days.


With Eat Stop Eat, all you need to do is fast once or twice a week for 24 hours. You can even choose which days to do it. Every time you undergo a 24-hour fasting session, your calorie intake drops to up to 25%, wake up your fat-burning hormones, and increase testosterone levels to help with muscle-building.


 2)    Buy less food.

If you fast twice a week, you will be saving money from 8 days of no-food intake each month. Brad Pilon swears that his grocery bills dropped to a whopping 20%. What’s great with this program is that you don’t need to buy special food items, such as organic brown rice or soy milk, for the fasting to work.


 Imagine what else you can buy or how much money you could save up from these funds.


3)    Use your increased energy levels.

The problem with many diet programs out there is that the strict food guidelines often result to a decrease in energy. When you fast using Eat Stop Eat, your body will not go on “starvation mode” and your metabolism will not slow down.


 In fact, your energy levels will be higher than normal, especially a day after the fast. During fasting days, you also get to enjoy no food prep and cooking, which gives you a couple of free hours to do something else.


 Rarely do you find a fitness program that is backed by scientific data, and works for extremely well in losing weight without costly equipment, addition of supplements, and a strict diet plan. Eat Stop Eat could change your life not only by helping you reach your fitness goals, but also by allowing you to save hard-earned money and do more productive things with your time.


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